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photograph of current display in the Grand Vestibule

A display highlighting the interaction between the monarchy and the wider world

Lesley Glaspie (active 2007)

Relief carving signed & dated 2007

RCIN 95967

This slate carving is a replica of a relief dating to AD 690 found at the Temple of the Cross in Chiapas, Mexico. The relief depicts ‘God L’, the Mayan god of the underworld and of commerce, who usually appears as an aged man. He wears a jaguar pelt and a broad, feathery headdress topped by a mythological bird. Both animals associate him with night and the underworld. The rod-shaped rattle he leans on may have been used in rain petitions.

It was presented to Queen Elizabeth II by the Prime Minister of Belize, Musa Said, during her official visit to Uganda, 2007.