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photograph of current display in the Grand Vestibule
Grand Vestibule: The British Monarchy and the World

The Grand Vestibule at Windsor Castle reflects interaction between the monarchy and the wider world


Modern copy of a Bieri (reliquary guardian). The original Bieris would have stood in a family home of the Fang people, to remember a deceased ancestor. Traditional reliquary guardians protect and mark the location of ancestor’s remains.
Statue of a
Southern Africa

Official gifts, and weapons from the 1879 Anglo-Zulu War

Ethiopian crown

Crowns and armlets reserved for the most revered royals and warriors

An Algerian powder horn of plain white metal with chased and pierced casing. The lid with a pierced and ornate coral finial. The clasp with three boss corals, the two swivels with five embossed corals each and two chains. The whole suspended from a heavy

Coral-encrusted diplomatic gifts sent by the Deys of Algiers in 1811 and 1819

An Ashanti gold trophy head in the form of a hollow mask, with hammered facial features and pierced eyes, nostrils and mouth. Narrow strips of gold on the forehead and cheeks emulate scarification. Wirework coils, some missing, form hair curls and a beard

Remarkable gold objects from the Ashanti court

A carved wooden model headdress or Nimba, of the d'mba form found among the Baga people of Guinea.
In the form of a stylised female, with four slender legs, pendulous breasts and an enlarged head with a long pointed nose and protruding chin.
Headdresses o
The Queen and Africa

Gifts given during the current reign

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