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The Prince of Wales and his entourage on camels posing for camera in front of Pyramid of Cheops and Pyramid of Cephrenes, Giza, Cairo. The Prince is seated on the camel fifth from the left. The man in the white suit with a cigar, gazing up at the Prince,

Modes of travel and travelling accessories used by monarchs past and present

Travel Accessories

Transporting the monarch, and in some cases the entire Royal Household, has always been a complex affair. Official and State Visits often include formal engagements requiring suitable gifts or special dress, which must be prepared and transported with the royal party. Royal travellers also require appropriate amenities for long journeys, as well as all the equipment necessary to continue royal business while away from home.

Today the Collection contains numerous travel accessories acquired by monarchs and their contemporaries. Some represent the latest fashions in contemporary travel, while others were designed for convenience and mobility, enabling day-to-day routines to continue on the move.

David Bouquet (c.1607-65)

Desk clock/watch

Martin Guillaume Biennais (1764–1843)

Travelling service

Queen Charlotte of Württemberg, consort of Friedrich I, King of Württemberg, 1st daughter of George III, King of the United Kingdom (1766-1828)

Travelling breakfast service

Augustin Michael Henry-Lepaute (1800–1885)

Carriage clock

WT Copeland (& Sons) : Stoke, Staffordshire

Set of coffee cups and saucers

Sir Norman Hartnell (1901-79)

Evening gown

Philip Somerville (1930-2014)