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The Prince of Wales and his entourage on camels posing for camera in front of Pyramid of Cheops and Pyramid of Cephrenes, Giza, Cairo. The Prince is seated on the camel fifth from the left. The man in the white suit with a cigar, gazing up at the Prince,

Modes of travel and travelling accessories used by monarchs past and present

Tene Waitere (active 1901)

Model war canoe (waka taua) 1900-01

RCIN 74079

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This model of a waka, or ceremonial war canoe, was a gift to the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall (the future George V and Queen Mary) on their visit to Rotorua, New Zealand, in 1901. The couple were received by over 5,000 Maori representatives who performed traditional haka (war dances) and songs. The Duke recorded in his diary, 'As each dance was finished the tribe presented us with beautiful presents, which were piled up in a heap in front of us, they consisted of greenstone Meres [fighting clubs], whalebone Meres, whalebone paddles, carved sticks, feather cloaks innumerable, mats and other cloaks, also reed kilts'. The official gift from the Te Arawa tribe was this ceremonial canoe, carved with traditional scrolling patterns and a human likeness on the prow. In 2011 the canoe was returned to New Zealand for an exhibition about the tribe at the Museum of Art and History, Rotorua.

The royal couple's visit to New Zealand formed part of a world tour to express gratitude to imperial troops for their service to the Empire during the Boer War.