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The exterior of a large Dolls' House

A guide to Windsor Castle's famous Dolls’ House.

Staff Rooms and Essentials

Staff Bedroom

Staff Bedroom ©

The staff rooms on the lower and upper mezzanine floors of the Dolls' House can only be accessed by the back staircase or the service lift. These rooms give an insight into the ordinary life of household staff that has otherwise been lost to time. Each bed has a chamber pot underneath and a wire sprung mattress. Toothpaste and washstand sets are also found on the  dressing tables.

After World War One, the number of domestic staff declined in Britain as better employment could be found in offices or factories. Large households realised that they needed to accommodate remaining servants with good facilities, modern technology and decent living quarters. Queen Mary's Dolls' House has all of these things.

Explore some of the miniature objects below:

Doulton & Co : Burslem, Staffordshire

Toilet set

Singer Sewing Machine Co Ltd

Sewing machine

Lever Brothers : Port Sunlight

Tube of Vim

Watts, John : Sheffield

Trouser press

Gill & Reigate