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The exterior of a large Dolls' House

A guide to Windsor Castle's famous Dolls’ House.

Royal Chambers

The King's and Queen's respective suites can be accessed on the second floor, via the marble staircase. Each room contains articles and decorations particular to the owner's needs. The ceiling of the King's Bedroom was painted by George Plank, who subtly interwove the notes to the first line of the National Anthem into a garden trellis.

The King's Bedroom

The King's Bedroom ©

The walls of the Queen's Bedroom are covered in blue-grey damask, reflecting the style of the 1920s. Both beds have mattresses of horsehair on top of a box-sprung mattress and hotwater bottles have been placed beneath the sheets.

The Queen's Bedroom

The Queen's Bedroom ©

Explore some of the miniature objects below:

Turner, Lord & Co.

Cabinet on stand



Weaving School for Crippled Girls, Stratford-upon-Avon


Bolding, J. & Sons

Commode chair

Brigg & Son's




Sutcliffe & Sangorski

Letter rack

Royal School of Needlework

Tester bed

Royal Worcester Porcelain Company Limited (1862-

Set of vases and covers

Wilkinson Sword Company

Sword and scabbard

Allen & Hanburys, Ltd.

Nail brush