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The exterior of a large Dolls' House

A guide to Windsor Castle's famous Dolls’ House.

Cellar, Kitchen and Pantry


Cellar ©

Every domestic need is catered for in the dolls' house. There is a fully stocked cellar and pantry as well as a kitchen equipped to prepare a banquet. The brands to include was carefully considered. Agnes Jekyll, the sister of Gertrude (who designed the garden of the dolls' house) was in charge of the Kitchen stores. She wrote to Princess Marie Louise that it was best to involve only firms who already supplied the Royal Household to avoid upsetting manufacturers with shows of favouritism.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen ©

The Wine Cellar is well stocked. Over twelve hundred bottles of the finest champagnes, wines and spirits and beers were donated. They were chosen by Francis Berry, the senior partner of Berry Bros of St James's Street in London, today Britain's oldest wine and spirits merchant.

Explore some of the miniature objects below:

Guy's Hospital Mechanics

Set of patty pans

Lee & Wilkes


Twining Models, Northampton

Mincing machine

R Jackson & Co [United Kingdom]

Bottle of oil

Twining Models, Northampton

Coffee mill

George Kent, Ltd

Knife cleaner



Colman, J. & J. Co.

Colman's mustard

Wilkin & Sons [Tiptree, Essex]

Jars of assorted conserves

Mumm, G.H. & Co : France

Mumm champagne

McVitie & Price

Boxes of biscuits

J Lyons & Co

Packet of tea

Carson's Chocolates and Confectionery [United Kingdom]

Crate of chocolate

Price's Patent Candle Co

Box of candles

Berry Bros & Co. : London

Bottle of London gin

Berry Bros & Co. : London

Wooden casks of whisky

Bass, Ratcliff & Gretton

Crate of King's ale

George Kent, Ltd

Ice safe