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A watercolour showing some of the Indian exhibits at the Great Exhibition. In the centre is the howdah lent by Queen Victoria that had been presented to her by the Nawab Nazim of Bengal. For other views of the Indian section, see RCINs 919968, 919943, 919

The Great Exhibition: India No.4 ©

The Indian rulers chose and commissioned gifts which displayed a remarkable range of craftsmanship using techniques, skills and designs associated with the specific regions visited. Some were produced with the European market in mind, where there was a growing interest in Indian design. This interest stemmed from the many international exhibitions, including the 1851 Great Exhibition in London, where objects from the Indian subcontinent were highly commended both for their design and exquisite craftsmanship.


Many of the gemstones use foil to enhance the effect of the jewel

Arms and armour

The Prince received a large number of weapons on the tour


Indian techniques were much admired in Europe


Enamelling began in India in the late 16th century