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The exhibition


This exhibition features a selection of gifts presented to Her Majesty The Queen. The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, gives and receives gifts on a variety of occasions, including state visits at home and abroad and tours of Commonwealth countries.

Within the United Kingdom, gifts are often presented during official engagements, to commemorate particular events such as a visit to a school or hospital, or the annual Maundy Service.

The exchange is an internationally recognised diplomatic moment when heads of state meet. The gifts chosen often represent traditional skills or are of cultural significance. The gifts included in the exhibition have been selected as both reflective of their native countries, and as a display of craftsmanship from across the world.


A range of gifts presented from Europe


Gifts received by The Queen from Oceania

UK - Politics and local government

Gifts to HM The Queen relating to politics and local government

UK - Culture and sport

Gifts relating to culture and sport

UK - Transport

Gifts relating to transport

UK - Health, education, science and industry

Gifts relating to science and industry

UK - Armed forces and spiritual

Gifts relating to religion and the military

Asia and the Middle East

Gifts from Asia and the Middle East


Gifts from African countries

North and Central America

Gifts from North America

South America

Gifts from South America

The Caribbean

Gifts from the Caribbean