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Detail of the Vessel of friendship, a gold model of a Chinese ship
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The exhibition

This exhibition features a selection of gifts presented to Her Majesty The Queen. The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, gives and receives gifts on a variety of occasions, including state visits at home and abroad and tours of Commonwealth countries.

Within the United Kingdom, gifts are often presented during official engagements, to commemorate particular events such as a visit to a school or hospital, or the annual Maundy Service.

The exchange is an internationally recognised diplomatic moment when heads of state meet. The gifts chosen often represent traditional skills or are of cultural significance. The gifts included in the exhibition have been selected as both reflective of their native countries, and as a display of craftsmanship from across the world.

Enamel picture of St George on a white horse slaying the dragon in a green hilly abstract landscape containing Nushkuri letters. Four studs in corners of enamel, top two containing goldstone cabochons and bottom two with malachite cabochons. White me

A range of gifts presented from Europe

A Maori greenstone mere (flattened club-shaped weapon), pierced for a string handle. A mere is a hand club carried in a warrior's flax belt. It is a treasured heirloom, passed from generation to generation, and owned only by those Chiefs of highest standi

Gifts received by The Queen from Oceania

This tealight holder shows a condensed silhouette of the historic buildings in the city of Sheffield, for centuries a centre for metalwork including cutlery and silver. A tealight placed in the holder at the back would shine its light through the spaces c
UK - Politics and local government

Gifts to HM The Queen relating to politics and local government

A Wedgwood circular ceramic plaque on blue ground with white slip image of the ship Victory at sea.
As part of the commemorations of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, The Queen attended a banquet on board HMS Victory at Southampton. This p
UK - Culture and sport

Gifts relating to culture and sport

A square enamel plaque with the London Underground logo and inscribed BUCKINGHAM PALACE. Framed in wood.

The first use of a roundel design was at St. James's Park underground station in 1908. The font has since been slightly modernised but the basic fo
UK - Transport

Gifts relating to transport

A brass model of Robert Stevenson's steam engine & tender "The Rocket" designed in 1829, resting on brass rails, on a rectangular rosewood plinth w sloping edges; in oak coffer w gilt brass straps, w domed lid & fall front.
UK - Health, education, science and industry

Gifts relating to science and industry

A bronze reduced-size sculpture of one of the four flanking bronze Archangel Seraphiels from the central shrine at the Scottish National War Memorial at Edinburgh Castle.
UK - Armed forces and spiritual

Gifts relating to religion and the military

This is a model of the treasure ship sailed by the navigator and diplomat Zeng He of the Ming Dynasty. The prow of the ship is decorated with a dove and olive branch medallion, emblematic of peace, whilst the sides of the hull are decorated with elements
Asia and the Middle East

Gifts from Asia and the Middle East

A stool with a circular seat and base covered all over with red, yellow, white and blue glass beadwork in a zig-zag pattern.
The size and decoration of Cameroon's ceremonial stools symbolise the status of the individual to whom the stool belongs. The empt

Gifts from African countries

This totem pole, carved by the First Nations of Canada's north-west coast, features the mythical thunderbird Tsoona at the top, with its wings outstretched. The Thunderbird is believed to bring life, and to create thunder by flapping its wings.
North and Central America

Gifts from North America

A Tree of Life featuring Queen Elizabeth II modelled from clay and decorated with colourful symbols representing British culture and the interests of Her Majesty. In a red leather presentation box with a gold embossed symbol of Mexico and 'MEXICO / PRESID
South America

Gifts from South America

<p>Salt Island, one of the archipelago which makes up the British Overseas Territory of the British Virgin Islands, formerly paid the monarch an annual rent of a pound of sugar on their birthday. This tradition was reintroduced in 2015 by the Governor-Gen
The Caribbean

Gifts from the Caribbean

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