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The Inheritance of Charles V, 1500-1555

In the 16th century the ‘Low Countries’ comprised the modern-day Netherlands, Belgium and a swathe of north-eastern France. It was formed from a confederation of seventeen provinces which became a distinct entity during the reign of the Emperor Charles V, (1515-1555) who also ruled the Holy Roman Empire, Spain and much of Italy.

After Rogier van der Weyden (c. 1399-1464)

Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy (1396-1467)

Flemish School (c. 1500)

Philip the Handsome (1478-1506)

Flemish School (c. 1515)

Emperor Charles V (1500-58)

Hans Memling (c. 1440-1494)

Portrait of a Man

Quinten Massys (1465/6-1530)

Desiderius Erasmus (1466-1536)

Joos van Cleve (d. 1540/41)

Self Portrait

Flemish School (c. 1550-1560)

A Boy Looking through a Casement

Follower of Cornelis Massys (c.1510-62)