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As part of the celebration of her Diamond Jubilee, Queen Victoria drove through London on 22 June 1897 with the purpose of seeing her people and receiving their congratulations. In this depiction of the scene Queen Victoria can be seen in an open State la

Marking significant anniversaries in a monarch's reign

Queen Elizabeth II

Golden Jubilee, 2002

The Golden Jubilee of 2002 was both a commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II's 50-year reign and an opportunity to thank her people for their loyalty. The six themes of the events which marked the year were:

  • Celebration
  • Giving Thanks
  • Service
  • Involving the whole community
  • Looking forward as well as back
  • Commonwealth
Queen Elizabeth II greeting the public in Gateshead during her Golden Jubilee Tour

Queen Elizabeth II greeting the public in Gateshead during her Golden Jubilee Tour © PA Images / Alamy. Photographer: Fiona Hanson

Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, travelled 40,000 miles (64,000 km) during the year, visiting countries of the Commonwealth and all parts of the UK.

As in previous celebrations there was a service at St Paul’s Cathedral, as well as street parties, dinners, a special garden party for all those who had been born on Accession Day (6 February 1952) and a Prom and Party at the Palace.

She travelled to the National Service of Thanksgiving on 4 June in the Gold State Coach. The service was followed by a lunch at London’s Guildhall at which she stated:

Gratitude, respect and pride, these words sum up how I feel about the people of this country and the Commonwealth—and what this Golden Jubilee means to me


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