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This project was made possible through close collaboration between a team of conservators and internal and external specialists who brought a range of specific skills and expertise to the project. Literature on the conservation of pastels is still scarce, and the help of colleagues in fellow institutions was invaluable during the project. In line with this collaborative spirit, and by teaming up with fellow conservators, curators and pastel experts, we hope to further understand Rosalba Carriera’s technique and working practices.

Our deepest thanks to the following:

Thea Burns, Art Historian

Dr. Art Ness Proaño Gaibor, Researcher, Cultural Heritage Agency of The Netherlands

Emmanuelle Largeteau and Goizane Mendia Rios, Paper Conservators, National Maritime Museum, London

Holger Nordmann, Paul Mitchell Antique and Handmade Replica Frames

Leila Sauvage, Paper Conservator & Conservation Scientist, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam