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Mobility access

Wheelchairs and lift

Manual wheelchairs are available to borrow free of charge on a first come, first served basis, for the duration of your visit. Motorised wheelchairs and mobility scooters can be used in the precinct areas, and are permitted inside the Castle provided they are compatible with the lifts.

The lift measures 137cm deep and 100cm and has a weight limit of 630kg.


The Castle is situated at the top of a steep hill.

A view of the Round Tower from Castle Hill

The Round Tower of Windsor Castle ©

There are 9 stone steps up to the entrance door.

Stone steps in to the building.

Stone steps in to the building. ©

Then a further 11 steps up to the Inner Hall. After the first seven steps there is a landing area.

The stone steps leading up to the Inner Hall

Stone steps up to the Inner Hall ©

Image shows the Inner Hall of Windsor Catle. A large open space with stone columns.

The view down to the State Entrance from the Inner Hall ©

There are then six steps down to the State Entrance.

A view of the State Entrance at Windsor Castle

The State Entrance ©

There are 39 steps in the Grand Staircase which leads to the State Apartments.


The Grand Staircase at Windsor Castle


Access to the Inner Hall and State Apartments for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility is via a platform lift on the North Terrace. The lift must be operated by a Castle warden. The lift measures 232cm wide x 145cm long.

A view of the platform lift on the North Terrace

The plarform lift from the North Terrace to the Inner Hall ©

From the Inner Hall you have three options.  Firstly, access to Queen Mary's Dolls' House is level, as is access to the lavatories - where there is an accessible toilet. Secondly, access to the State Entrance is via a second platform lift, which measures 95cm wide x 139cm long and has a weight limit of 500kg.

Images shows a view into the accessible toilet in the Inner Hall and the corridor leading to other toilets

The accessible toilet in the Inner Hall ©

Images shows the two platform lifts, on either side of the staircase in the Inner Hall

The platform lifts in the Inner Hall ©

Thirdly, access to the State Apartments is by a lift, next to the Cloakroom, in the Inner Hall.

Lift access to the Semi-State rooms is available from St George's Hall. Wheelchair users should again speak to a Castle warden.


St George's Chapel

There are 3 stone steps into St George’s Chapel.

Stone steps into St George’s Chapel

Stone steps into St George’s Chapel ©

An alternative entrance without steps is available, please ring the bell at the main Chapel entrance. Inside the Chapel there are six sets of steps (minimum 1 step, maximum 3 steps) all of which have access ramps.


Flooring and surfaces

Most rooms are carpeted with thick pile carpet or polished wooden floors.

The Queen's Gallery at Windsor Castle


St George's Chapel has stone floors. In some outside areas the ground is cobbled and uneven. As Windsor Castle is an historic building, the floors may be uneven and you should take care.


Respite seating

Benches are provided at regular intervals throughout the Castle Precincts; in the State Apartments in the Queen's Drawing Room and St George's Hall; and within St George’s Chapel. Additional seating is also available in the State Apartments and Semi-State Rooms on request.

Visitors are welcome to use walking sticks or folding stools with seat attachments, provided that they have rubber stoppers.

Assistance animals

Assistance animals are welcome and water is available on request.



There are four shops at Windsor Castle, they are located in the Courtyard, Middle Ward, Engine Court and Lower Ward. All shops are on one level and accessible, with stone flooring. Middle Ward shop is the largest shop with easy access and plenty of room to manoeuvre. In St George's Chapel, the Cloister shop is on a level with stone flooring and both till points have low sections for wheelchair users.


Accessible toilets are located on Castle Hill, the North Terrace and in the Inner Hall. All except the Inner Hall toilets require a RADAR key. Please ask a Warden to unlock them if you do not have your own key. A Changing Places toilet is available in Engine Court, no RADAR key is required.

Image of the Changing Places toilet


Parking and transport

There is no parking available at Windsor Castle. The nearest disabled parking bays are located on the High Street. The Castle Admission Centre is a short, uphill, walk away. For further information please see map and directions.


For more information or to feed back please e-mail [email protected]