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D/deaf or hard of hearing visitors at Windsor Castle

If you require a free access companion ticket please email the Specialist Sales Team: [email protected]

Video tour for D/deaf visitors

A hand-held BSL video tour is available to borrow and included in the admission price. The tour also has sound and subtitiles and can be used by deaf and hard of hearing people, who do not use BSL. The device can be collected from the Moat Room, once you have passed through security and St George's Gate.

You can see clips from the tour here.

A hand holding a multimedia device, like a mobile phone, in front of the Round Tower

The BSL multimedia tour ©

Induction Loops

The ticket sales desks, shop till counters and the audio tour collection point are equipped with induction loops. Hearing aids should be switched to the T position. A complimentary multimedia tour is available in:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Russian

Handsets are T-coil compatible and equipped with volume control and neck loops are also available on request. Please note that the technology is not compatible with all hearing aids – a printed version of the multimedia guide script is available on request.


St George's Chapel

The main parts of St George’s Chapel (the Nave and the Quire) are equipped with an induction loop for use in Services. Laminated Orders of Service are available and are cleaned after each use.

Assistance animals

Assistance animals are welcome. We recommend that if possible animals wear a jacket or lead slip to identify them as working.

Staff reserve the right to ask visitors to remove their animal if it is deemed not to be behaving appropriately. Arrangements will then be made for the visitor to return without their animal. Please contact [email protected] for more information.


There are four shops at Windsor Castle, they are located in the Middle Ward, the Billiards Room, the China Museum and St George’s Chapel. There is an ice cream van on the North Terrace. All shops have induction loops at the till counters. There are clear routes through all shops and capacity will be limited. There are hand sanitiser stations at entrance point and all shops are operating cashless.