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'A' Level Sessions

  • Next event: Thursday 5 Sept 2024
    Every Monday, Thursday, Friday (Thursday 5 Sept 2024 - Friday 25 Jul 2025)
  • Key stage 5
  • Art & Design, Citizenship, English Literature, History, Religious Education
  • Art History, Changes within living memory, Critical understanding of artists, Events beyond living memory, Famous people, Feudalism, Georgians, Historical Interpretation, Learning from paintings, Learning from photographs, Lives of significant individuals, Local history study beyond 1066, Medieval Britain, Political power in Britain, Reformation, Renaissance, Significant historical events, Significant individuals in the past, Stuarts, The changing power of monarchs, Tudors
  • Bespoke A Level Sessions at Windsor Castle

    1000 years of History can be found deep within the walls of Windsor Castle. The team are happy to design a session around your studies.  Past examples of study are indicated below but all use the vast expertise of the staff at Windsor and also the invaluable resources of the Castle itself and the Royal Collection within. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss a visit with us.

    Norman Power

    From the arrival of the Normans, to their building of impressive fortifications, students investigate how they influenced an England in shock!. Students will look at the Castle buildings and a range of documentary evidence and consider the role and importance of such defences at the time, including how these buildings helped William I consolidate his power.

    Topics: Normans, War and Conflict, Depth Study

    • Edexcel - Unit 2A.1: Anglo-Saxon England and the Anglo-Norman Kingdom, c1053–1106.
    • OCR - Unit 1 Y102: Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest, 1035–1107.

    Feudal Turmoil

    How did the Angevin kings use Windsor to assert and consolidate their power at such a turbulent time? Students will be able to use the physical, medieval evidence all around them and a range of written evidence to develop their understanding of key individuals and events of the time.

    Topics: Medieval, War and Conflict, Depth Study

    • AQA - Unit 2A: Royal Authority and the Angevin Kings, 1154–1216.
    • Edexcel - Unit 2A.2: England and the Angevin Empire in the reign of Henry II, 1154–89.
    • OCR - Unit 1 Y103: England 1199–1272 / Unit 3 Y303: English Government & the Church 1066–1216.

    Cataclysmic Change

    The reign of Henry VIII saw cataclysmic changes for both church and nation.  As a palace, a hunting paradise and his final resting place, Windsor played a crucial role in re-shaping Henry VIII's England. Students will analyse physical and documentary evidence to consider the role of Windsor as a reflection on Henry VIII’s life. Students evaluate this complex king from economic strife to religious unrest and the varied functions of the Castle site. This session will also include use of medieval and Tudor portraiture and objects within the Castle as historical evidence

    Topics: Tudors, Crime and Punishment, Depth Study

    • AQA - Unit 1C The Tudors: England, 1485–1603.
    • Edexcel - Paper 1, Option 1B: England, 1509–1603: Authority, nation and religion, Paper 3 Option 31: Themes in breadth with aspects in depth: Rebellion and disorder under the Tudors, 1485–1603.
    • OCR - Unit 1Y106: England 1485–1558: the Early Tudors.
    • WJEC - Unit 1 (AS): Option 1: Government, rebellion and society in Wales and England C.1485-1603. Unit 3 (A2): Poverty, protest and rebellion in Wales and England, c.1485-1603.

    Challenging Perceptions: George III at Windsor

    Mental illness and the loss of America – is that all there was to George III? Students will gain an insight into the real George III, using sources and other evidence the Castle provides, to see this intelligent king from a different perspective. This study day will also use portraiture as historical evidence.

    Topics: Hanoverians, American Revolution, Depth Study

    • AQA – Unit 2G The Birth of the USA, 1760–1801
    • OCR - Y110 From Pitt to Peel: Britain 1783–1853,  Y212 The American Revolution 1740–1796

    I bring my A Level students year on year to do one of these sessions at the Castle.  It adds immeasurable value to their learning and passion for the subject.  See you next time!

    KS5 Teacher


    A Level Resources - Using Sources in the Royal Collection

    Windsor Castle and The Crisis of Monarchy - A look at The Civil War and The Restoration

  • Our learning programmes are designed to be accessible to all pupils.  Most of our sessions can be adapted to meet any educational or access needs your group may have.  Please ask for details when booking.

    You may find the information for visitors on the Autism spectrum helpful when planning your visit to Windsor Castle.

    Our presentation Introducung the Castle and Learning Centre for worried teacher and pupils, is a useful starting point for familiarising yourself and your special needs pupils with these spaces.

    If you book a learning session or a lunch space, you will have use of The Learning Centre, which is fully accessible and has suitable toilets. 

    Should your group book a fully self-guided visit, without any learning input, or use of the lunch space, you will not have access to the Learning Centre. 

    Note that within The Castle precints is a Changing Places facility which all groups can use, if required. 

  • Subject to availability, school groups can book use of the facilities at the lunch spaces within the Learning Centre.   Facilities include a space to eat packed lunches, plenty of designated school's toilets and a safe place to leave coats and bags.

    Note: schools who book a fully self-guided visit, without any Learning team input. or without pre-booking a lunch space, will not have use of the Learning Centre. 

  • To find out more or to make a booking contact the Learning Bookings team.

    Please have to hand:

    • Preferred date and possible alternatives, plus time of arrival
    • Numbers of children and supervising adults
    • The taught session, if you would like one
    • Details of any special educational or access needs

    Please use the downloadable Bookings Forms to send your details to the Learning Bookings Team.

    You will then be sent a reservation letter, together with your teachers’ resource pack, giving a date by which full payment must be received to secure the booking.

    Please note: you may be asked to cover the cost of the session if you cancel within short notice of your visit.  Non-booked schools will be charged at standard group admission rates.  Please see our Terms of Application for Learning Group Admissions.

    Also, please be aware that audio guides are not available to school groups at Windsor Castle. 

    School Access Scheme and School Travel Support Scheme

    One of Royal Collection Trust's charitable aims is to broaden and increase access to the Collection for the nation. Our school access scheme and school travel support scheme are designed to ensure that visits to our sites are possible for state schools working with economically disadvantaged pupils. See here for more information about these schemes and information on how to apply.


    Contact us

    Learning Bookings Team
    Ticket Sales and Information Office
    Buckingham Palace
    London SW1A 1AA

    T. (+44) (0)303 123 7323

    F. (+44) (0)20 7930 9625

    [email protected]


    Sharing Learning Objectives

    Please contact us in advance if you have any specific learning objectives in mind.


    Planning Visits

    Once you have made your booking, we offer two complimentary tickets for you and a colleague to conduct a planning visit.  If you would like to meet a member of the Learning team during this visit, please let us know at the time of booking.

    Our presentation Introducing you to the Learning Centre and Castle Precincts is a useful starting point for familiarising yourself and your pupils with these spaces.

    All teachers and supporting adults must read the Teachers Pack before their visit. Teachers' Packs for each site can be downloaded here.

  • Reduced-rate admission for school groups

    Pre-booked school groups: £6.00 per pupil
    Children in Reception or below: FREE
    Discounted rate for schools in the Royal borough 

    Accompanying adults

    One teacher or adult helper is admitted free of charge at the following ratios:

    Under 5s - 1 adult: 3 pupils
    Years 1 to 3 - 1 adult: 6 pupils
    Year 4 and above - 1 adult: 10 pupils

    Please ask for details of rates for additional adults when booking.

    All online workshops: £70 per class attending a booked session. 

    Windsor Lite workshops: £150 per session, £50 per additional session plus travel costs incurred by RCT staff.

  • Royal Collection Trust sites have airport-style security measures at all public entry points, through which all visitors, including school groups, are required to enter.  All adults and children will be asked to:

    • Allow any bags to be searched by hand
    • Walk through a metal detector arch, one at a time
    • Switch off mobile phones

    The Royal Collection Trust Learning section asks that teachers undertake the following guidelines to make entry to Royal Collection Trust sites as smooth and quick as possible:

    • Please arrive at the Royal Collection Trust site at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time for the booked workshop
    • Teachers and children should not bring the following: scissors, compasses, metal cutlery, sharp metallic implements
    • Only bring what you need! The Royal Collection Trust Learning section can provide all necessary equipment such as clipboards, pencils and drawing materials (groups can bring their own sketchbooks if they prefer to use these)

    Those groups who book a Learning session and/or a lunch space will enter through Pug Yard Learning Centre gate. 

    Schools who book a fully self-guided visit, without including Learning Sessions or lunch space, should enter through the main Admissions Centre gates upon arrival. 

The income from your ticket contributes directly to The Royal Collection Trust, a registered charity. The aims of The Royal Collection Trust are the care and conservation of the Royal Collection, and the promotion of access and enjoyment through exhibitions, publications, loans and educational activities.