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Teaching the Victorians

Queen Victoria at her coronation, wearing robes of state
Franz Xaver Winterhalter, Queen Victoria, 1859, RCIN 405131 ©


Bring the Royal Collection into the classroom with this themed selection of resources for Primary Teachers focusing on Teaching the Victorians.

Download teachers’ notes to focus on these inspiring paintings and work with your class to discover the stories taking place with the pictures

Joseph Nash, The east front of Buckingham Palace from St James Park, 1846

Joseph Nash, The east front of Buckingham Palace from St James Park, 1846 ©

Look for evidence of the Victorians in the local area with this walk around Buckingham Palace

Queen Victoria was the first monarch to live in Buckingham Palace and the area soon became popular with fashionable society.

What evidence of the Victorians can be seen on the streets today? Download the attached documents and maps to find out more.

Queen Victoria inspecting 1st Life Guards at Windsor Castle - 1900


Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle

Use this trail to explore the Victorians at Windsor Castle

The Royal Archive: Queen Victoria education project

A variety of materials including Victoria’s journal, letters and school reports are all available through the Royal Archive Queen Victoria education project.


Learning_ Picture in Focus-Winterhalter.pdf

Learning_ Picture in Focus-Frith Ramsgate Sands.pdf

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Learning _Queen Victoria family tree.pdf

Learning_Evidence of Victorians - Walking Map pdf.pdf

Learning_Evidence of Victorians - Walking Map notes pdf.pdf