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A chicken challenge

There are some rather fun objects in the Royal Collection connected with chickens! This Easter, have a go at making your own pom-pom chick, but before you do, explore some of these rather surprising items.

The porcelain chickens above are actually teapots! They were made in China, almost 300 years ago. The artist does not seem to have wanted to use the real colouring of chickens but has made them bright and cheerful instead.

Can you spot …? The lids of the teapots have been made to look like small hens sitting on the backs of the big chickens.

Funny feet: look at the chickens’ feet; the maker seems to have been confused and given them webbed feet like ducks!

A chalcedony chick with cabochon ruby eyes and chased red gold feet.

Mark of Henrik Wigström; gold mark of 72 zolotniks

Chick ©

Fabergé chick

Carl Fabergé was a famous craftsman who had workshops in St Petersburg, Russia.  Queen Alexandra loved animals and collected lots of little sculptures made of precious stones, including some chicks like this one. The sculptor chose the stones to copy the natural colouring of the birds.


Make your own pom-pom chick!

Now it’s your turn! You might need some help from a grown-up for this activity – use wool, cardboard and a few other materials to make your own fluffy pom-pom chick. Download the PDF for step-by-step instructions.

Make some pom-pom chicks