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Hunting Treasures - large and small! An onsite trail for children

Little and Large Treasures - A Children's Trail.pdf

This year Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House is 100 years old. The House was a gift to Queen Mary in 1924 and was first displayed here at Windsor Castle a year later. It was created at a scale of 1:12 and every object inside was intended to be as true to life as possible. The House has running water, electric lights and working lifts, as well as all the necessities of life – from soap to vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers to kitchen whisks. As a gift to the queen, it also includes Daimler and Rolls Royce motors, a full set of crown jewels and a pair of thrones.

To mark this milestone, more than 20 objects from the House will be on display in the Waterloo Chamber, giving young visitors a chance to see the extraordinary level of detail used on each one.

This trail can be used to help search for the objects but also to find similar life-sized treasures around the State Apartments. 

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