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Inside the amazing mind of Leonardo da Vinci: children's activity

Inside the amazing mind of Leonardo da Vinci: Children's activity banner

Leonardo da Vinci is possibly history's most famous artist. Yet Leonardo is known for being an expert in many areas, not just art. In these fun interactives you will not only discover Leonardo as an artist, but also as an engineer and a scientist.

Find out about what went on inside the mind of Leonardo da Vinci, described as 'the most curious man who ever lived'. As you work through the interactive, you will see Leonardo's curiosity revealed in his drawings and inventions.
When you have successfully completed different tasks, you will be able to create a 16th-century battle scene as imagined by Leonardo.

Each of the drawings in the interactives has a 6-digit number attached to it. If you would like to find out more about these Leonardo drawings, which you can also print out, go to Explore the Collection  and use the 6-digit number in your search.