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Making a map

A map of Imola by Leonardo da Vinci

This map was drawn by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci in 1502. It shows the city of Imola in Italy.

To create this detailed map of the city, Leonardo paced the length of the streets and took bearings (directions and measurements) from the tower of the Palazzo Comunale at the central crossroads. In the margins, he wrote the distances and directions to other towns and cities.

Map of Imola by Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci, A map of Imola, 1502 ©

Why not make a map of your local area? Be sure to include all the landmarks and places that are important to you. You could include your school, homes of friends and family, parks, museums, your favourite shops and other places you like to visit. Make it colourful, fun and as big or small as you like! As a starting point, you could find a map of your local area on the internet to use as a guide.

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