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Make a nature crown

Watercolour of Queen Victoria in a green dress

Nature provided wonderful inspiration for many of the decorative items in the Royal Collection. Some of these items were designed to be worn – take a look before having a go at making your own nature crown.

This tiara was gifted to Queen Victoria in 1838 by Sayyid Sa’id, ruler of Muscat. In her journal Queen Victoria described this as a ‘tiara of Persian stones’. The shape is formed of gold palm leaves richly decorated with diamonds and rubies.

The inside of the tiara is also decorated. A number of the palm leaf shapes have intricate images of roses and a nightingales on the reverse.


This headdress was given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert in 1846 as an anniversary present. It is inspired by the orange blossom worn by Queen Victoria on her wedding day. The leaves of the orange blossom are made of gold, and white porcelain flowers and green enamelled oranges add further decoration.

This marble bust of Queen Victoria shows the young monarch with a wreath of oak leaves in her hair, with acorns, a shamrock, a thistle and a rose on either side of her head.

Have a go!

Use the activity sheet for tips on how to make your own nature crown.

Activity sheet

Make a nature crown