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Assorted regalia from the Crown Jewels

The Crown Jewels are the most complete collection of royal regalia in the world

Sir Robert Viner, 1st Baronet (1631-88)

The Sovereign's Sceptre with Dove 1661

RCIN 31713

Treasury, Jewel House

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This sceptre represents the sovereign's spiritual role, with the dove symbolising the Holy Ghost. Traditionally it has been known as 'the Rod of Equity and Mercy'. 

During the coronation service the new sovereign is first anointed with holy oil, then robed in coronation robes, and then invested with a number of ornaments symbolising the spiritual nature of kingship. These include the spurs, swords and armills, followed by the orb, a ring and the sceptres. The sovereign is presented with two sceptres - one surmounted by a cross representing temporal power and this one, surmounted by a dove. After the investiture the sovereign is crowned.