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Assorted regalia from the Crown Jewels

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In detail: St Edward's Crown


St Edward's Crown is the crown used at the moment of coronation.  It was made for Charles II in 1661, as a replacement for the medieval crown which had been melted down in 1649 by the Parliamentarians.  The original was thought to date back to the eleventh-century royal saint, Edward the Confessor – the last Anglo-Saxon king of England. 

The crown was commissioned from the Royal Goldsmith, Robert Vyner, in 1661.  Although it is not an exact replica of the medieval design, it follows the original in having four crosses-pattée and four fleurs-de-lis, and two arches.  It is composed of a solid gold frame set with semi-precious stones, including rubies, amethysts, sapphires, garnet, topazes and tourmalines.  The crown has a velvet cap with an ermine band. 

The crown is composed of a solid gold frame, set with tourmalines, white and yellow topazes, rubies, amethysts, sapphires, garnet, peridot, zircons, spinel, and aquamarines, step-cut and rose-cut and mounted in enamelled gold collets, and with a velvet ca

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Sir Robert Viner, 1st Baronet (1631-88)

St Edward's Crown