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Master: The Story of Abraham Series
Item: The Separation of Abraham and Lot, Genesis Ch. 13, v. 8-9

Luxury hangings for royal residences

James Stephanoff (1789-1874)

Hampton Court Palace: The Cartoon Gallery, 1818 1818

RCIN 922136

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Full-scale tapestry designs or 'cartoons' by renowned artists were considered works of art in their own right. In 1699 William III (1650–1702) took cartoons designed by Raphael for the Sistine Chapel out of store and had them framed for display at Hampton Court. They were hung in what became known as the 'Cartoon Gallery', which had been specially designed for them by Sir Christopher Wren. This magnificent space, depicted here with the cartoons visible, was used for meetings of the Privy Council until the king's death in 1702. From 1838, members of the public could visit Hampton Court and receive free guided tours of the Palace, including the Cartoon Gallery. Since 1865, the cartoons have been on loan to the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.