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Presentation Albums in the Royal Collection

Many presentation albums of photographs have been given as gifts

Photograph of a view of the Melacca river, Malaysia. There are a large number of boats on the river, a selection with cabins and thatched roofs. On the left side of the river are a series of buildings, many of which are on stilts. Groups of people are sea

View of Malacca River


Since the nineteenth century, photograph presentation albums have been given to royal family members as gifts for a range of reasons: to commemorate a special occasion, mark a royal visit, or as a sign of devotion and gratitude. The albums range in content, from inspiring views of cities and countries and their flora and fauna, to noteworthy environmental and social projects, to highlights of a photographer's oeuvre. Presentation albums form a significant part of the Royal Collection's photograph collection, providing an important historical and visual record and resource, and a sense of the public's interaction with the royal family.