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Music in the Royal Collection

Many members of the royal family were talented musicians

A group surrounds a harpsichord playing instruments

Throughout the centuries, many members of the royal family have had very personal relationships with music. Often, they were not satisfied to be mere patrons of leading composers and musicians of the day, but were keen musicians themselves.

Click on a chapter to explore what musical instruments, paintings, drawings, sculptures, furniture, and archival material in the Royal Collection can tell us about music and the monarchy, or view these short films on selected instruments in the Collection:

Queen Victoria's Erard Piano


Buckingham Palace's Ballroom Organ


George III's Meissen Porcelain Flute


Burkat Shudi Harpsichord


Dragonetti's Basse de Violon


Frederick, Prince of Wales (1707–51)

Frederick used art and music to establish himself at court

George III (1738–1820) and Queen Charlotte (1744–1818)

For George III and Queen Charlotte music was of great importance

George IV (1762–1830)

George's love of pomp and ceremony extended to music

Queen Victoria (1819–1901) and Prince Albert (1819–61)

Pianos were the main focus of their music-making at home