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A mantel clock representing an incident in the struggle between the Sabines and the Romans and an interpretation of Jacques-Louis David's painting when the Sabine women intervene to reconcile the warring parties. Romulus, to the right, is poised to hurl h

Extraordinary timepieces dating from 1630-1830

Chelsea Lawrence Street Factory

Mantel clock c.1761-6

RCIN 2914

Morning Room, Clarence House

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This clock was made by the 'blunt, high-dried, honest German' Georg Philip Strigel, who was Queen Charlotte's Watchmaker and 'had the care of his majesty's clocks'.  In this capacity, George III (1738-1820) once discovered him 'standing upon a stool, placed upon a table, his hands extended above his head' as he adjusted a clock dial in Buckingham House.  This clock is encased in crimson-coloured porcelain above the figure of a shepherd waking a sleeping shepherdess.  It is one of a non-identical pair, and the two were probably intended for display in close proximity to one another.  The attractive detail on the back of the clocks means they would likely have been positioned in front of mirrors, so they could be admired from every angle.