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Splendours of the Subcontinent

A catalogue to accompany the Royal Collection exhibition

Kajal Meghani

 216 pages

The place of royal ritual in the making and breaking of the Raj is revealed through its rich and complex material culture

Reviews in History

Cover of Splendours of the Subcontinent

Cover of Splendours of the Subcontinent ©

Hardback, 254 x 210mm, Over 150 colour illustrations 
ISBN 978 1 909741 42 3

In October 1875, Edward VII, then Prince of Wales, set off on a four-month tour of the Indian subcontinent. During his travels the Prince was presented with a wide array of beautiful gifts ranging from brooches to swords and from military figures to an articulated golden fish. Each item was intricately wrought, often in precious metals with jewel-encrusted details. Not only did the presentation of these pieces forge a personal link between the Prince and the gift-giver, but, as a collection, these exquisite objects proved to be highly influential on European taste and design.

This fascinating publication presents the reader with a miscellany of South Asian works of art, through which the author tells the story of the Prince’s journey alongside the history of these intriguing objects.

Kajal Meghani was Exhibition Assistant Curator for the exhibition Splendours of the Subcontinent.

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Highlights from the publication

Enamelled by Hira Singh, Jaipur

Perfume holder

Possibly Madras and Orissa

Perfume holder

Probably western India

Perfume holder

Kapurthala, c.1870–5

Four perfume holders

Possibly enamelled by Ghuma Singh, Jaipur

Cup and saucer