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Russia: Art, Royalty and the Romanovs

Accompanies the Royal Collection exhibition

Caroline de Guitaut and Stephen Patterson

With contributions by Alex Buck, Simon Metcalf, Isobel Muir, Alessandro Nasini, Emma Stuart, Rhian Wong and Bridget Wright

 496 pages

A remarkable and beautiful book which will never be surpasssed

John Massey Stewart, Jornal of European Studies


Hardbak, 270 x 235 mm, 400 colour illustrations 
ISBN 978 1 909741 55 3

Russian rights sold

In the first publication to examine the relationship between Britain and Russia through the lens of art in the Royal Collection, Russia: Art, Royalty and the Romanovs interweaves the familial, political, diplomatic and artistic stories of the two countries and their royal families over more than 400 years.

From initial contacts in the mid-sixteenth century, through alliances, marriages and two World Wars, to the current reign, this richly illustrated book gives readers a glimpse into the public and personal dealings of these two fascinating dynasties.

With new research on previously unpublished works, including porcelain, arms, costume, insignia and photographs, together with paintings by both Russian artists and British artists working in Russia, this is the first time that the uniquely interlinked narrative of the art connecting the two royal families has been presented in a full-scale publication.

Caroline de Guitaut is Deputy Surveyor of The Queen's Works of Art, Royal Collection Trust. Her previous publications include Diamonds: A Jubilee Celebration and Royal Fabergé.

Stephen Patterson is Head of Collections Information Management, Royal Collection Trust.   

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