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Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomist

87 of the finest of Leonardo da Vinci's anatomical studies

Martin Clayton and Ron Philo

 256 pages


Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest anatomists ever to have lived. He dissected more than thirty human corpses, exploring every aspect of anatomy and physiology, and recorded his findings in drawings of unparalleled beauty and lucidity, and in notes that bear witness to his astonishing insights into the subject. Had Leonardo published his researches, he would have transformed European knowledge of anatomy. But his studies remained among his personal papers at his death, and were almost unknown until around 1900.

This book offers 87 of Leonardo’s finest and most important anatomical studies, with full scientific and art-historical explanations and discussion. It is an essential work of reference for the Leonardo enthusiast, as well as a unique exploration of the anatomy of the human body itself.

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ISBN 978 1 909741 03 4

Winner of the 2012 British Book Design and Production Award: Best Use of Cross Media, alongside the iPad app Leonardo da Vinci Anatomist.

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