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Four Centuries of Paintings and Manuscripts from the Indian Subcontinent

Guide to the catalogue

First published in print in 2018, Eastern Encounters is now available here in a digital format. Updated to reflect the latest research, this edition of the catalogue was first published in July 2020.

The publication consists of an introduction and four chapters, followed by 86 individual catalogue entries. Footnotes for the chapters and catalogue entries are available at the bottom of each page, with a separate bibliography which can be reached either via the contents menu or the publication home page. Provenance information for the catalogue entries is also available via a tab at the bottom of each catalogue page.

Navigate chapter by chapter using the navigation arrows at the bottom of the page, scroll through the entries in order, or browse them via the ‘Catalogue’ page.

The catalogue is also available to buy in hardback at the Royal Collection Trust's shop.


First published in 2018

Reprinted in 2018

Digital edition July 2020

Note on transliteration

In the interests of simplicity, diacritics and vowel markings in the spelling of Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali and Punjabi names and terms have been largely omitted. Only the Arabic letters ayn and hamza in the medial position have been indicated. Geographical names are spelled in accordance with customary English usage. 




Assadullah Souren Melikian-Chirvani


Emily Hannam


Emma Stuart