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Carlton House

The Past Glories of George IV's Palace

 241 pages


On 7 November 1783 the Prince of Wales, writing from Buckingham House, informed his brother Frederick, Duke of York, 'I am hard at work upon my mansion at Carlton House, where I hope to take possession ye third or fourth of next month, tho the house will then be very far from being finished. I am adding and building considerably to it, and hope on yr. return you will not think me a bad architect'.

In March 1784 The European Magazine announced with a finality, which was to bear little relation to reality, that the alterations to Carlton House were now finished. During the next thirty out of the forty-two years that George IV occupied Carlton House as his London residence, he was constantly engaged in alterations and improvements.

The apartments on all floors were in a constant state of flux and the style of the interior decoration of Carlton House evolved over the years, although there were certain recurring themes - Chinese, Gothic, classical - which were repeated in its successive transformations.

This catalogue examines all of the treasures from Carlton House, from paintings and works on paper to decorative arts, swords and pistols.

Review a selection of works from the catalogue below or download the book in full as an interactive PDF, with links from each object to our Collection Online.

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Tatham, Bailey & Sanders

Pair of council chairs

François Hervé (active 1781-1796)

Open armchair

Sèvres porcelain factory

Table of the Great Commanders

Sir Francis Chantrey (1781-1841)

George IV

Philip Rundell (1746-1827)

The Shield of Achilles

Imperial Rome

Emperor Claudius

Manufacture de Versailles

Robe sword, scabbard and baldric

Nicolas Noël Boutet (1761-1833)

Pair of Pistols