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Throughout the Castle

Further items relating to the battle were on display throughout Windsor Castle

Centre table with circular Sèvres porcelain top with chased gilt bronze mounts, stem-fasces; painted in imitation of classical cameos. In the centre is the head of Alexander the Great, surrounded by an outer circle of heads of twelve commanders fro

Table of the Great Commanders of Antiquity ©

Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot (1763–1850)

Standing bowl

Hippolyte Paul Delaroche (1797-1856)

Napoleon crossing the Alps, May 1800

After Hippolyte Paul Delaroche (1797-1856)

Napoleon at St Helena

Jacob Frères

Writing table

Thomas Chippendale the Younger (1749-1822)

Waterloo Chair

Sèvres porcelain factory

Table of the Great Commanders

Pierre-Charles Bridan (1766-1836)

John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough

Baron Carlo Marochetti (1805-67)

The hands of the Duke of Wellington

Simon Bourguet (c.1705–73, maître 1740)

Écuelle, cover and stand (part of The Grand Service)

Lepage : Paris

Sporting gun

Manufacture de Versailles

Robe sword and scabbard

Manufacture de Versailles

Robe sword, scabbard and baldric

Royal Arms Factory, Torre Annunziata, Naples

Robe sword and scabbard

Martin Guillaume Biennais (1764–1843)

Spirit burner