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The European Context

Prince Albert: early encounters with art and collecting
Klaus Weschenfelder
1,924 KB; 20 pages

Vision and duty: Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia and the arts in the early Victorian era
Samuel Wittwer
891 KB; 15 pages

The patronage and collections of Louis-Philippe and Napoleon III during the era of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
Emmanuel Starcky
1,349 KB; 11 pages

Fine Arts: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture

Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their relations with artists
Vanessa Remington
1,389 KB; 19 pages

‘Incessant personal exertions and comprehensive artistic knowledge’: Prince Albert’s interest in early Italian art
Susanna Avery-Quash
1,569 KB; 22 pages

Prince Albert’s German pictures
Susan Foister
1,190 KB; 18 pages

‘Preparing a handsome picture frame to pattern chosen by HRH The Prince’: Prince Albert frames his collection
Lucy Whitaker
5,000 KB; 37 pages

Mr Green and Mr Brown: Ludwig Grüner and Emil Braun in the service of Prince Albert
Jonathan Marsden
1,699 KB; 13 pages

‘The whole is quite consonant with the truth’: Queen Victoria and the myth of the Highlands
John Morrison
1,438 KB; 16 pages

Public and private aspects of a royal sculpture collection
Philip Ward-Jackson
1,291 KB; 17 pages

Osborne and Balmoral
Geoffrey Tyack
1,626 KB; 17 pages

Decorative and Industrial Arts

Love and art: Queen Victoria’s personal jewellery
Charlotte Gere
1,556 KB; 19 pages

‘To wed high art with mechanical skill’: Prince Albert and the industry of art
Kathryn Jones
1,885 KB; 16 pages


Theatre Mr Macready and his monarch
Richard Foulkes
657 KB; 10 pages

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