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Henrik Emanuel Wigström (1862-1923)

The Colonnade Egg 1910

RCIN 40084

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This Imperial Easter Egg, which incorporates a rotary clock in its design, is in the form of a classical temple. The colonnade of pale green bowenite columns supports the pink enamelled egg, surmounted by a cupid. Below a pair of platinum doves sits on a truncated column and around the base four female cherubs hold garlands of roses in gold. This egg is an allegory of the imperial family in 1910. The love between the Tsar and Tsarina is represented by the pair of doves; their four daughters, Olga (b. 1895), Tatiana (b. 1897), Maria (b. 1899) and Anastasia (b. 1901) are represented by the four cherubs; and the Tsarevich Alexis (b. 1904) is represented by the cupid.