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? Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, 3rd son of George II, King of Great Britain (1721-65)

Order of battle at Culloden, 1746 (Culloden Moor, Highland Region, Scotland, UK) 57°28'00"N 04°05'00"W c.1746

RCIN 730019

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This rough draft shows the adjustments made to the placement of government forces in the light of intelligence about the Jacobite troops. Realising that more men were required to the right and nervous about movements undertaken by Lord George Murray, Cumberland moved Pulteney’s Regiment forwards – a last-minute adjustment vividly recorded on this scrap of paper. Crucially, Cumberland chose to intersperse his front line with pairs of three-pounder cannon, which would do terrible damage to the Jacobite lines. King’s Military Map Collection Cat. 59