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This exhibition is a celebration of Scottish artistic identity and reflects the long-standing association between Scottish artists and the monarchy. The distinguished group of works from the Royal Collection by artists born in Scotland charts the development of the uniquely Scottish school with its roots in the Edinburgh Enlightenment. Artists drew their inspiration from Scottish life and culture, the romantic landscapes of Caledonia and from adventurous travels on the Continent and their work reveals a distinctly Scottish vision, characterised by its naturalness, truth to life and detailed observation.

The collection of Scottish art formed by the royal family between 1750 and 1900 reflects the individual and distinctive tastes of the principal patrons, George III, George IV, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, who were all discerning collectors. This significant group of work was acquired either by commission, purchase or gift at the time Scottish art was coming into its own and taking its place on the wider stage of European art.