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Ambassadors and confused relationships

Alexander I, Emperor of Russia (1777-1825)

Certificate of acceptance of the Order of the Garter

Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830)

Matvei Ivanovitch, Count Platov (1757-1818)

Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830)

Karl Robert, Count Nesselrode (1780-1862)

Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830)

General Feodor Petrovich Uvarov (1769-1824)

After George Dawe (1781-1829)

Princess Charlotte of Wales (1796-1817)

Imperial Porcelain Factory [St Petersburg] (c. 1718-1917)

Cup, cover and stand

Ivan Bushuyev (1800-33)

Sabre and scabbard

Imperial Arms Factory, Tula