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Historically, royal children were educated at home. From the age of five, the young Princess Victoria had a governess who was responsible for her overall education. Princess Elizabeth was also educated at home, firstly at 145 Picadilly, then later with Princess Margaret in a newly created schoolroom at Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip chose the Buckingham Palace schoolroom as the location for Prince Charles's early learning. Later however, the royal couple broke with tradition and decided that Prince Charles should attend Hill House preparatory school in Knightsbridge, and then, at the age of eight, go on to board at Cheam, where his father Prince Philip had also studied.

Like many children, in addition to more traditional academic subjects, royal children were also taught practical skills and attended extra-curricular classes to encourage their particular individual interests and to socialise with other children. Weekday afternoons for Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret during term time frequently took the form of dancing, singing or music lessons.

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