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Fenton's photographs in the Royal Collection

Photograph of the Middle and Lower Wards of Windsor Castle with St George's Chapel on the right and the Military Knight's residences on the left.

Fenton produced a set of at least thirty-one views of Windsor Castle and Home Park in the summer of 1860,

View from the foot of the Round Tower, Windsor Castle ©

The Fenton photographs on display have been in the Royal Collection since 1855. They were probably acquired by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert for their son the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII. The Prince of Wales kept his set of 349 photographs in portfolios in his library at Sandringham House, Norfolk. Additional photographs by Fenton from the Crimean War were acquired by other members of the royal family in 1855–6, making a total of 428 photographs in the set.

All of the Fenton photographs featured are originals, printed in 1855–6 from glass plate negatives. The Royal Collection does hold some original Fenton negatives, but none from his Crimean War series. Those negatives are believed to no longer exist.

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