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Medals awarded

The Crimea Medal on display is a specimen medal, unusually mounted with all five clasps. The medal was awarded to British (and some French) soldiers and sailors who fought in and around the Crimean peninsula. It was first presented by Queen Victoria to her troops on 18 May 1855.

The Victoria Cross (VC) and the Turkish Crimea Medal on display both belonged to Lieutenant William Buckley, who won his VC for his Valour in service in the Sea of Azoff on 29 May and 3 June 1855. It was presented to Buckley by Queen Victoria on 26 June 1857 at the first distribution of the decoration. The blue ribbon reflected his service in the Royal Navy; it is only since 1918 that a crimson ribbon has been used for all awards.

The Turkish Crimea Medal was issued by Ottoman Emperor Abdülmecid I to the soldiers and sailors of his allies: Britain, France and Sardinia. It was designed by the photographer James Robertson who worked from 1843 as an ‘engraver and die-stamper’ for the Imperial Ottoman Mint in Constantinople.