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Sri Lanka

The Queen's Sri Lankan Navaratna Brooch 1981

Gold, pink, blue and yellow sapphires, garnet (cinnamon stone), ruby, amethyst, diamond, aquamarine, moonstone and cat's eye | RCIN 250035

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A gold brooch set with nine stones; pink (pathmaraga), blue and yellow (pushparaga) sapphires, garnet (cinnamon stone), ruby, amethyst, diamond, aquamarine, moonstone and cat's eye inspired by the form of a posy of flowers, the ribbon bow with channel-set rubies. The gemstones are variously faceted or cabochon and set in claw, pavé and rub over settings.

The navaratna is a Sanskrit word for nine gems, or ratnas. Jewellery incorporating nine gems has important cultural significance in southern Asian cultures, and particularly in Hindu cosmology as well as in Buddhism and Jainism. The ruby at the centre signifies the sun, with other planets and bodies represented by the gemstones surrounding it. Navaratna jewellery may include rings, necklaces, earrings or brooches, and the symbol is also found as a national emblem for Thailand.