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Pen and ink and watercolour design for the King's State Coach, shown from the side.
According to the official journal of the Department of the Master of the Horse for 1760, ‘At the Commencement of this Reign [25 October 1760] a very superb State Coa

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Delivery of Gold State Coach

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An entry detailing the first use and final costs of the Gold State Coach was included in this journal of the work at the Royal Mews. On the right-hand page are the trades involved in the coach’s construction, including £3 9s 6d for a Cover Maker (perhaps a cover to keep the gilding clean when the coach was stored at the Royal Mews). The usually factual entries in this journal are particularly enthusiastic when describing the first use of the coach: ‘The new State-Coach was the most superb & expensive of any now built in this Kingdom.’