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An oil painting of a garden party at Buckingham Palace. Queen Victoria and Alexandra, Princess of Wales are returning to the Palace in an open carriage pulled by two grey horses; in the garden, on the left, the Prince of Wales is conversing to a couple in

Their history, form and function

The Jubilee Garden

The Jubilee Garden, Windsor Castle ©

The English landscape architect Tom Stuart-Smith was commissioned to create a garden to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002. The area at the top of Castle Hill, near to St George’s Gate on the south side of the castle, was chosen for the garden, improving the entrance to the castle for visitors. The eighteenth-century view of this area just outside the castle walls by the artist Paul Sandby can be compared directly with the design for the most recent garden addition by Tom Stuart-Smith. Both look towards Edward III tower (previously called the Devil’s Tower) and demonstrate the evolving nature of the site.

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