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An oil painting of a garden party at Buckingham Palace. Queen Victoria and Alexandra, Princess of Wales are returning to the Palace in an open carriage pulled by two grey horses; in the garden, on the left, the Prince of Wales is conversing to a couple in

Their history, form and function

Laurits Regner Tuxen (1853-1927)

The Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, 28 June 1897 Dated 1897-1900

RCIN 405286

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The success of the Golden Jubilee Garden Party ensured that another grand party was staged for the Diamond Jubilee in 1897. Unlike the unsolicited painting of the earlier event by Sargent, the Danish artist Tuxen was commissioned by the Queen to capture the event for posterity. The artist was granted permission to work at the Garden Entrance at St James’s Palace and to apply for a sitting with each attendee ‘in accordance with The Queen’s wishes it may be a faithful Representation of that interesting Occasion’. The finished work sets the dense crowds in their finery against the dramatic background of the lake. The Queen, who was 78 years old, is shown towards the end of the party riding in her garden landau back to the palace accompanied by Alexandra, Princess of Wales.