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RCIN 73131

The precious metal's uses in the Royal Collection

Platinum Percussion

RCIN 62608

Pair of percussion pistols, CG Koenig & Son | RCIN 62608 ©

These sumptuous pistols (above) were purchased by Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, in 1851. They are working percussion pistols and, from the quality and workmanship of the materials, also an expensive and luxurious item to own. The elm stocks are inlaid with white metal, and another lighter shade is also used to form the barrels. Neither of these metal elements is made from platinum, however, which features solely on the percussion vents, seen here on the lower gun just beside the hammer. Platinum does not rust and for these high quality pistols, made in the prince’s native Coburg, this characteristic lent itself to use on the vents, the part which contains the charge and through which sparks travel into the barrel.