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Canadian history, art and the Royal Family's relationship to the country

The territory now known as ‘Canada’ has been inhabited by its Indigenous people for approximately 14,000 years. Over the past four centuries, people from every corner of the globe have migrated to the region. Today, Canada is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and is a realm of HM The King, who reigns as King of Canada, entirely separate from his role as King of the United Kingdom or any of his other realms.

This trail examines the special relationship between The Royal Family and Canada. Click on a chapter below to explore seminal moments in the region’s history, as well as the diverse art and culture represented in the Royal Collection.

West’s arrival in England from Italy in 1763 occurred at a time when artists were seeking to create a distinguished national school of history painting. George III was eager to support such a goal and was also a keen supporter of the proposal to fou
'The Country of the Canadas' - Colonial Canada

Early European exploration and settlement

Order of Canada
'The Great Confederation' - Modern Canada

Confederation and the birth of the modern nation

Photograph of HM Queen Elizabeth II (b.1926) presenting colours to le Royal 22 Régiment on the Plains of Abraham, Quebec City, 1959.
The regiment's colours include a beaver, representing service to Canada, and a crown, representing servic
'Canada Made Us' - Royal Visits

Personal and official tours forging a close relationship between the Royal Family and Canada

A hardstone and wood carving of a First Nations chief in profile on the front and a bear and pipe of peace on the reverse.
Inscribed 'As long as the sun shines, the grass grows and the water flows./ TREATY NO.8/ Honoring and Protecting Treaty rights/
'So Long As The Sun Shines' - Indigenous Relations

Centuries-old links between First Nations and the Crown

In 1973 The Queen was presented with this wall hanging by the Inuit People of the Northwest Territories of Canada. It was worked by the distinguished multi-disciplinary artist, Jessie Oonark, of Baker Lake. The hanging is of wool and felt with stitchwork
Canadian Art in the Royal Collection

Outstanding works by leading artists and Indigenous communities

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