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Garrard & Co

The Garrard firm was Crown Jeweller between 1843 and 2007 and was responsible for making and managing the regalia.

The firm prepared the Crown Jewels for the coronations of every monarch from King Edward VII (1841–1910) onwards. Notable commissions included the Imperial Crown of India, which was made for King George V's inauguration as Emperor of India in Delhi in 1911, and the Imperial State Crown made for King George VI's coronation in 1937. For the coronation of Her Majesty The Queen (b.1926) in 1953, Garrard provided a new pair of armills as a gift from the Commonwealth, replacing the previous pair which had been made in 1661.

Other commissions included Queen Victoria's Small Diamond Crown, which was designed to be worn above her widow's cap as she mourned her last husband, Prince Albert (1819–61). A Prince of Wales' Coronet was made for George, Prince of Wales in 1901-2.

The firm succeeded Rundells as Royal Goldsmiths in 1843, under the new title of Crown Jewellers. Robert Garrard, Sebastian Garrard and Samuel Spilsbury of R & S Garrard & Company were cited in the royal warrant, although it was Sebastian Garrard who took on the role of Crown Jeweller.  He became the first of a succession of directors in the firm to hold this position.