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Erik August Kollin (1836-1901)

Erik Kollin was head workmaster at the Russian goldsmith and jewellery firm Fabergé between 1872 and 1886.  His marks appear on over a dozen pieces in the Royal Collection, including an Easter egg pendant, a heart-shaped box and a spectacular terrestrial globe.  He is particularly famous for his work in gold and for his jewellery designs, which were influenced by Scythian archaeological discoveries. 

Born in Finland in 1836, Kollin served as an apprentice in his home country before moving to St Petersburg.  By 1858, he was employed in the workshop of August Hölmström, Gustav Fabergé's principal jeweller.  He opened his own workshop in 1870 and two years later was made head workmaster by Carl Fabergé, Gustav Fabergé's son. 


Objects associated with Erik August Kollin (1836-1901)